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Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Careers

Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Careers

Team SAIC is expanding its current support at Ft Meade to add the Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group (MCCOG) global mission to support the execution of DOD Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) functions in Quantico, VA. These functions include the protection from, detection of and response to cyberspace attacks. The Government’s goal is to disrupt, deny and degrade network adversaries’ ability to influence the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication and non-repudiation of IT services provided to network users. The subject Enterprise Network currently includes approximately 9,000 classified network hosts and about 110,000 unclassified network hosts. There are approximately 35 geographic sites with classified network connectivity and approximately 85 geographic sites connected to the unclassified portion of the Enterprise Network.

There are approximately 200 network sensors within the Enterprise Network sensor grid. Endpoint security systems and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are also present.

MCCOG Mission and Key Tasks

MCCOG executes Marine Corps Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) Operations and Marine Corps Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) in order to enhance freedom of action across warfighting domains, while denying the efforts of adversaries to degrade or disrupt this advantage through cyberspace. Key MCCOG tasks include:

  • Provide Cyberspace Operations (CO) Support to Marine Air Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs)
  • Plan and Direct Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) Operations
  • Plan and Direct Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) 


  • Incident Detection Support
  • Incident Response Support
  • Cloud Computing Environment Incident Detection and Response
  • Vulnerability Analysis Support • Sensor Grid Support (SGS)
  • Knowledge Management and Portal Administration
  • CSSP Training 

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